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When talking about "Accessible web site design", we refer to the fact that Merkatu has been responsible for the development, design and layout of the web site in accordance with the recommendations of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The aforementioned recommendations were drawn up as a result of work carried out by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) and formed the basis of Recommendation W3C.In the words of the authors of these Procedures, we can say that:

"These procedures explain how to make the contents of the web site accessible to handicapped persons. The procedures have been designed for all web site content developers (text writers and web site designers) and for author tool developers. The main aim of these procedures is to promote accessibility. By following these, the accessibility of the web site will increase for all users, whatever the user application used in each case (for example, desktop navigator, voice navigator, mobile phone, onboard computer, etc.) and irrespective of the limitations under which this operates (for example, noisy or silent environments, infra or excessively illuminated locations, hands-free environments, etc.). By following these procedures, users will find the new information on the web site more quickly. These procedures do not discourage developers from using images, video, etc., just the opposite, they explain how to make multimedia contents more accessible to a wider audience."