Production process

The products manufactured by Delicass can be divided into four main groups, depending on their production process:

Fresh products: Delicass offers consumers a range of the freshest products so they can prepare an infinite number of delicious recipes, including duck breast, duck thighs, fresh duck liver, etc.

Semi-preserved products: ready to eat. These products should be kept chilled. Their flavour and sensorial properties are at their peak because they have been heat-treated at very gentle temperatures. This range features mi-cuit foie, lightly cooked blocks with or without pieces, with truffles, etc.

Preserved products: you can keep these products in the cupboard for long periods of time. The range features delicious duck thighs, manchons (the base of the duck wing), gizzards and wings cooked in their own fat, and various presentations of foie gras, such as the whole liver, duck foie gras with truffles, foie gras with pieces, etc. We also produce mouth-watering sauces and a line of patés, featuring goose, duck, pork, wild boar,deer, etc.

Cured products: here we are referring to duck ham. This is a premium product obtained from curing the previously-spiced duck breast and subjecting it to a drying process under conditions of controlled temperature and relative humidity.